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Inches Lost!

Yay! Sorry for the late update. Zoe keeps taking my measuring tape and then it gets lost in the abyss of her toys.

I'm happy to report my overall inches lost is 8.5!
The biggest loss being at my waist, which was almost 5 inches!

My arms and legs haven't slimmed down hardly at all in inches but they are definitely transforming to more muscular, so I'm not too concerned.

My overall weight loss is still just 4 lbs, but I'm ok with it. I've noticed for me regular gym attendance is crucial in weight loss and with my sporadic attendance the last few weeks, I'm working on making it an every day thing, and seeing if that helps the scale move a bit more

Happy Sweating!


Almost week 6

We are near the end of week 6 of this #newyearnewyou journey.
Weigh-in and measurements will be Tuesday, because that will be officially 6 weeks.
I know the pounds and inches lost won't be huge, but they are there.

I know I've changed. My habits have changed and my fitness level has definitely changed.

I'm really excited for the next six weeks as I think they will produce even better results. I recently put in for a different position at work, and effective the beginning of March, I will be reducing my hours by about 75%. This change is going to allow a reduction in my anxiety and stress level, and a large increase in my available time.

The first six weeks of this new change, I've felt as if in survivor mode, doing the best I can, with what I have to work with. I'm planning on making the next six weeks much more purposeful and planned.

With that being said, I made a few new purchases. I found that I was going quickly through my short stack of workout clothes, and on certain days, was out of the correct apparel. If I didn't have a clean sports bra, I used that as an excuse.

I really like the fitness apparel from Danskin, available at Wal-Mart. It's inexpensive (good for this student budget) and I find it is comfortable and does the job better than an old cotton T-shirt. I find I'm more likely to head to the gym, if I feel good about what I'm wear. I added this outfit this week.

I also found that I prefer long sleeves when I run, which I'm doing a lot of lately. I purchased a couple of these 1/4 zip tops to add to my wardrobe. I also got about 12 more pairs of socks, which I desperately needed.

Check back in Tuesday for official numbers!!



Yesterday was a bad day. I got bad news from my Dr. re: fertility stuff. It was a re-do my make up 3 times type of day, there was so much crying. And I'm going back on some medication that should help me in my weight loss, but it was still a defeating type of day.

I didn't have a car to drive to the nearest fast food place to drown myself in high calorie food and diet soda. And I was ravaging the house for anything that would help fill my emotional void.
Well too bad for me, the sweetest food I have in the house is fig newtons.....not exactly what I wanted.

A midst the emotional turmoil and cravings for emotional eating, I was able to calm down enough and make myself a strawberry protein shake, with plans on binge-ing after work at Taco Bell.

I'm happy to report that after work, I drove straight home and made myself a sandwich.  No emotional eating and no binge-ing.

I know I'm not going to win the emotional eating battle every time. I know that.
But I am pretty dang proud of myself for resisting.

Today is a better day. No tears, in control and feeling positive.
Reminding myself to be kind to me. I've got a lot going on and am not going to perfect all the time.

But....I am strong. I can do this.


Small Victories

So far in my journey, 4 weeks has equated to a 4.2lb loss. It is not astounding, recording breaking or even noteworthy in the world of "loose 5 lbs by Friday!" world we live in.

But for me, each .1 lb is a victory. Each 10 more seconds I'm able to run on the treadmill, victory. Each time I choose not to have that cookie/cupcake/candy that is offered to me, victory.

And I'm not perfect. I don't workout every day. I do eat cookies, candy, cupcakes and pasta! It's that I'm making small changes that are proving successful for me.

This week I've been really excited because I was getting able to finally run a few minutes at a time, but the last two days I've been on the treadmill longer than 10 minutes, I get horrible side cramps. I'm not sure what they are from, but they are bad enough that I have to slow down and walk at an incline to get my workout in. I'm a bit bummed, but I've also been having some knee issues, so I'm gonna take a few days rest from the running and see if next week it will get better.

{Side note: I'm not a good runner. I look terrible when I run. But it's yielding me some great results, so I'm forcing myself to put in a good effort to try.}

The really great part about the last 4 weeks is the transformation I'm seeing in my body. I need to get a new measuring tape so I can post my inches lost, but I can definitely tell a difference!




So the last year I had some health problems, but I also have some health successes. 

gall bladder removed

discovered I haven't been having ovarian cysts rupture
started ovulating again
lost 20 lbs. clomid weight
started exercising again
reduced my diet coke intake
started taking supplements and vitamin

But even with those successes, I still have a ways to go to reach my health goals.
I decided since I was already working part time, and going to school full time,
 that I totally had time to eat healthy and work out.
<<<<<insert sarcasm>>>>>
No truthfully, this is the worst time to start a healthy routine. 
Most days, I feel like I'm running from one thing to another.
But I remembered something a co-worker of mine said to me 
back when we got the surprise that we were pregnant with Zoe, about six years ago.

She said something to the effect of, 
" There is never a good time for anything. 
To have a baby, to go to school, to pursue a dream, to get married... 
You can make excuses forever if you wanted to. 
You really just need to decide to do something, then do it, 
don't wait for the perfect timing, because it will never come."

Inspired by other women who have lost weight, that work, have multiple children, crazy lives, etc. 
I decided no more excuses.
Fear has been holding me back for years. I battled my weight so much in the first 18 years of my life, that I wasn't sure I wanted to fight again. It was easier to accept my "normal" size and just buy bigger clothes.
 I actually have come to really like my curves and accept my body, but health wise, 
I know I'm not where I need to be. 
So over the Christmas break, I made a plan.
 I made a schedule. I put together meal plans, counted out calories for things I eat regularly.
But like all good plans, it's had to be a bit flexible.

I'm happy to report that 3 weeks in, I'm down 3 lbs. I've exercised at least 3x each week. I drink lots more water, lots less coke (most days). I eat more fruits and veggies. I've run more this week than I ever have before, and I'm already seeing changes in my body. 

If you want to see more pictures and follow my weight loss journey, follow me on instagram.


What "sexy" really is all about...

With Valentine's day coming up, the drive to be sexy and dress sexy, is ever The definition of "sexy" is being completed distorted and misused, by teens, adults, and media outlets everywhere.

I grew up thinking my life would be much like a romantic comedy.
Instant attraction, a little drama, then happily ever after, being skinny and looking 21 for years.
I was under the false notion, that being physically attractive was more important than my other qualities.

Now attraction is there for a reason, I'm not discounting that at all, and I'm glad that I'm very physically attracted to my husband. But the physical part is really about 5% of what sexy really is.

As I've grown up, and seen my relationship and other relationships around me evolve, I have come to a deeper understanding of what the other 95% of sexy is.

Sexy is.....

...Taking care of your family and your children
...Getting an education to better yourself
...Admitting when you are wrong, and apologizing
...Doing things without having to be asked
...Being interesting
...Being forgiving when others make mistakes
...Driving to three grocery stores to the the right ingredient
...Spending all night in an ER, with someone who needs you
...Telling the truth
...Praying for guidance when you need it
...Making people laugh
...Making other people feel special
...Knowing who you are and what you stand for
...Being Kind

Bottom Line....Sexy is a lot more than looking good.